We design graphics for your advertisement, logo, name card, letter head, and more.

Banner Design HK$298/US$38 for static banner design
HK$448/US$57 for animated banner
Company Logo HK$298-658/US$38-84
Letter heads HK$238/US$31
Name Card HK$238/US$31

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Banner Design : An effective banner design can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful banner ad campaign. We provide customized banner design for Web site advertising on search engines, directories or other Web sites. Banner Design can include logo, photos, animation or just plain text. The price is HK$298/US$38 for any size of a static banner design. You can add animation feature to your banner, and the price is HK$448/US$57 for any size.

Company Logo : Do you want to have a unique image to represent your company identity? We can create logos that capture the essence of your business. If you are looking for a new logo or to redesign your current one for your Web site, we can assist you. We are specialized in both low-resolution (Web) and high-resolution (print) graphic image.

* Single-to-Two Color Logo for Web site - HK$298/US$38
* Single-to-Two Color Logo for Printed Materials and Web Site - HK$398/US$51
* Two-to-Three Color Logo for Web Site with Special Effect - HK$528/US$68
* Two-to-Three Color Logo for Printed Materials and Web Site with Special Effect - HK$658/US$84

Letterhead/Name Card : We provide design service for letterhead/name card. After carefully consulting with you, we will tailor-make a letterhead/name card for your company at a price of HK$238/US$31 of the design. You can have a minor change of the outcome (up to 1 hour). Otherwise, we would charge another 48% on top. If you are our client in designing company logo, we only charge HK$208/US$27 of the design.

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